Skyline Amateur Series

Current Standings

Close battles, playoffs, and trophies.  The standings put you in your place!


Growing the sport of disc golf starts with new players.  We want more players, at more events, having more fun.  This series will focus amateurs and amateurs only.


Here we provide a quick snapshot of what is going on in the series and preparing you for what is yet to come.  Check out our first edition of the newsletter!


All of the Skyline Amateur Series events will be PDGA Sanctioned, C-Tier, singles tournaments.  Being sanctioned by the PDGA means we are committed to following a set of rules and guidelines and we are happy to do so.  It also means you’ll receive PDGA points, statistics, and ratings for each and every event.  If you haven’t become a member of the PDGA please contact us for your exclusive, 20% Skyline discount code.

Most events will be single day tournaments with 2 rounds of golf consisting of at least 18 holes per round.

We will showcase the top 3 players in both the gold and silver divisions in our “Super 6 Finals”.  Be prepared to play in front of a gallery and you better bring your “A Game” because the trophies at stake are wall hangers!


Longest putt, “Clutch Play of the Day”, the “Super 6 Final”, rolling ace pool, series points and bags tags will all be part of this awesome Amateur Series experience.   We promise to go above and beyond to bring you some of the fun extras that you love to see at tournaments!


We are simplifying tournament structures to offer the 3 following divisions:

- Gold Pool (has a PDGA rating less than 970 if previously a pro or no upper limit if never accepted cash)

- Silver Pool (has a PDGA rating less than 935)

- Bronze Pool (has a PDGA rating less than 900)

- Diamond Pool (has a PDGA rating less than 900 & must be female)


The more events you attend the more points you will earn.  We will follow a very similar point structure that you see with the Wisconsin Disc Golf Tour.  We are still looking to add more events to the series but we plan to use approximately 75% of the events counting toward your series total.  Show up to all of them and you’re chances improve!


The 2012 Skyline Amateur Series CHAMPION in the Gold, Silver, and Bronze pools will receive a MINI disc golf basket.

Tentative 2013 Schedule (with more to come)

March 16 – SAS Visits Silver Creek Open IV (PDGA Results)

March 30 – SAS Visits Leave it to Beaver IV (PDGA Results)

July 21- SAS Visits Janesville Jammer (PDGA Results)

September 9 – SAS Visits Clash @ the Quarry



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